About Sufal

Sufal™ is India's first smart basmati app. Get exclusive monetary benefits by growing basmati the safe way. Sufal provides you the knowledge to grow low pesticide basmati crop. Get expert advisory to raise your rice fields, along with best practices on using chemicals for pest and weed control. Free support and knowledge from Basmati experts, only for Sufal smart farmers.

In addition to providing you with up to date knowledge about cultivating poison free Basmati paddy, members of Sufal buyer's contract get guaranteed sale of their Safe Basmati produce at significant premium from prevailing market prices. Sufal members also enjoy quick and secure payments from buyers straight to farmers.

Learn how to grow Basmati paddy which is free of unwanted chemical residue. Verified knowledge from academic experts and agriculture scientists.
Direct access to a large directory of seed centers to procure the best quality Seeds and other agricultural supplies in your area

In the pilot phase of Sufal Safe Basmati app, we invite Basmati cultivators from Haryana, Punjab and Uttar Pradesh to experience an enhanced and hassle-free technique to produce ecologically conscious grains. All the while benefiting from an expert ecosystem and great economic rewards.